About THD Labs

While I was looking for a working SSL 4k automation system, I realized that there was no available solution to replace the “dying/obsolete/almost impossible to maintain” existing SSL automation Computer. This is what triggered the idea and brought to life the Tangerine Automation Interface.

Having already designed VCA based automation retrofit systems for Neotek series II, TAC Scorpion and Soundtrack consoles, using JL Cooper/Valley People/Berhinger… gain controlled interface and using Digital Performer as the automation software, it was clear that the wheel didn’t need to be reinvented.

Using today’s DAWs integrated automation functions, combined with an adapted analog to modern digital protocol interface, is the best solution to offer analog mix automation.

"ITB tools to do OTB automation music mixing"

THD-LABS was founded out of this idea. For us, merging the analog audio path with digital control technologies is the best way to enhance the creative process and sound of music mixing. We also have plans to re-issue some of the best "undiscovered" audio devices of the last 60 years, not yet touched by the vintage hype. But that's an other story...

Our priority is to offer high quality insightful products. Everything THD-LABS ships is verified and tested for days to ensure you always get the most reliable equipment. Our products are lead free, RoHS and FCC compliant.