The Tangerine Automation Interface is a modular customizable system. It's design is based on a "group of 8" sub modules. You first need to determine how many channels you want to automate on your console. Please find hereunder all the models available :

32 channels ''under the desk'' interface

The default core system is base around a 32 channels "extrusion profile" form factor. This model is easy to install directly under your console.

The MSRP for the 32 channels interface is 4,295 $US and the system includes :

  • 1 x 32 channels Tangerine Automation Interface
  • 1 x 12Vdc/24W universal voltage UL/CS/IE/FCC certified PSU
  • 1 x IEC 6 feet power cord
  • 1 x Automation enabler dongle
  • 4 x 4 feet 50 pins IDC/IDC flat cables
  • 4 x VCA loop true 50 pins IDC connectors

NOTE: Smaller systems can be purchased in the same form factor. Contact us
to get a quote for "smaller the 32" channel systems.

40+ CHANNELS ''2 rack mount unit'' INTERFACE

The 2 rack mount unit Interface can automate up to 96 channels.

The price for the 2 rack mount unit Interface is based on the number of channels you want to automate. Please contact us if you want to get the pricing details based on your exact need.

The total automation channel count should include the VCA group faders, when configuring a system, as they can be separately automated from audio channel strips.
Ex: 40 audio input SSL = 48 VCA interface channels


•    The price for the Recall-IT Option is 999 $US.

Ordering information

Once the system's configuration is finalized and quoted, a 20% deposit of the total price will be required to confirm the purchase. Depending on the system configuration, options and interface's electronic sub modules inventory, a period of 2 to 5 weeks will be required to build, configure and test the interface. The interface will be shipped once the final balance is paid. 

THD-labs agrees, on request, to refund the deposit and cancel the order, if we are not able to meet the Tangerine Automation interface's scheduled delivery period + 2 weeks.

Contact us and give your required channel count and options choice so we can send you a quote on a "Tangerine Automation Interface" that should spark some new life in your SSL.


Accepted payments policy: Paypal, E-transfer, money orders, certified cheques