Specifications and features

  • Modular interface configuration can be defined to match channel count.
  • From 8 to 96 channels of SSL® VCA compatible voltage I/O's.
  • Uses your compatible DAW as the automation software.
  • OTB, hybrid and ITB mode allows adapted DAW workflow.
  • To computer « write » resolution: 10 bits (1024 steps)
  • From computer « read » resolution 12 bits (4096 steps)
  • +/- 0.1 db precision in the +10/-30db fader range
  • Control and automate volume and mutes.
  • Control automation modes.
  • Null fader function with « abs/trim » LEDs to match actual fader position.
  • Support for « TRIM/ABS » modes.
  • Fader's "abs/trim" LEDs used for legacy function or DAW automation status.
  • Global or multiple channels « auto » mode select from status switches.
  • Automate the master fader or channel #32 via configuration mode select
  • User defined, «on stop, goto selected automation mode  after write ».
  • Use faders to control virtual controller in DAW.
  • HUI® and "custom" mapping protocol.
  • High performance multi processors modular design.
  • Silent, fan less, low power (34 Watts).
  • 32 channels system can be installed under console (short 4x flat cables, 1x longer USB…)
  • All lead free, RoHS components.
  • Mac® or PC compatible, plug and play, no driver needed in HUI mode.


  • 2U rack-mount case for over 32 channels systems.
  • Recall-IT Option : Recall of all controls and switches to DAW midi track with built-in web server to WWW graphic interface.
  • High quality motorized 8 faders pack (available soon)