Testimonial From Bobby Holland
Testimonial From Mat Mitchell
Testimonial From Alan Sealy



Testimonial From Bobby Holland

Pentavarit Studios (Nashville)

‘’This thing has changed my life. I know that sounds drastic, but I am not exaggerating. My SSL automation and recall is now RELIABLE! No more worrying that it is going to blow up in the middle of an attended mix revision. No more worrying about how I am going to find pre-formatted 8” floppies. The guys really thought of everything with this system, and they work their tails off to make it better and better all the time. The automation workflow is so smooth - similar to the original SSL computer in the ways that you want, but with just the right amount of added features. The Recall-IT option is beautiful, simple, and so easy. Now, you can save your automation and recall data with your session files! For people that mix every day like I do - that is HUGE. C’est magnifique!


Bobby Holland
Twitter / Instagram: @bobby_holland



Testimonial From Mat Mitchell

Mat Mitchell Studios (Los Angeles)

’’Tangerine Automation Interface was an amazing upgrade to my SSL’s VCA automation. Having a modern computer option that can be modified to fit my workflow is priceless. Thanks THD LABS! ’’

-mat mitchell



Testimonial From Alan Sealy

Exchange District Studios (Winnipeg)

''To THD-Labs,

I want to thank you personally for creating the Tangerine Automation Interface. The TAI has not only extended the life of our SSL 4000 series console, but it has brought our old console into the 21st century!

At beautiful Exchange District Studios in Winnipeg, Canada, we have a classic 6000 series SSL. The 6000 series is a 3 bus 4000 series that was originally commissioned in 1984 for National Geographic. The punch and clarity of these consoles is unmatched and is heard on thousands of classic recordings. It is still highly sought after today.

We did, however, encounter the same problem that everyone else has with these consoles. The ancient computer that controls the VCA's and snapshot automation died in 2016. The console was still functional but many key features were not available without the computer.

I looked for a solution online and discovered the Tangerine Automation Interface from THD-Labs. What a lifesaver! Our old computer was a 200 pound behemoth that consumed 600 watts at 210 volts. We replaced the aging behemoth with the TAI, which weighs about 5 pounds and only uses 6 watts at a standard 115 volts. The power savings alone are staggering.

The real magic is the TAI goes beyond simply replacing the old computer functions. It allows our 1984 console to be a fully functional control surface for Pro Tools! Imagine mixing with fader automation and mutes without having to pick up the mouse! You can do this while still using all the mojo of discrete analog EQ's and compressors on every channel. Combine this with the often imitated/never duplicated SSL master bus compressor and you have an unparalleled combination of classic sound with modern workflow. We can also use the transport controls on the SSL to control Pro Tools via the TAI. We can add markers and move between markers using the SSL keyboard. Additional functionality is being continually added to the already impressive feature set.

The web based interface for snap shot recall automation is a god send and very easy to use. Saving any static board settings such as EQ, compressor, send levels and other recallable features is as simple as hitting "save" on the web interface. All settings can be recalled via computer or iPhone/iPad later by loading the appropriate web page.

The way we mix with Pro Tools and the SSL has changed forever. The Tangerine Automation Interface has saved our SSL, saved us time and increased our productivity. It really is a treat to watch the faders, mutes and transport controls within Pro Tools 12 be controlled by an analog console made in 1984.

The THD-Labs team has been superb. We couldn't be more proud to be associated with this innovative Canadian company. Vive le THD-Labs!

I wish you continued success.''

Alan Sealey
Exchange District Studios
2nd Floor, 436 Main St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3B 1A7

P:     204.415.0280