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Tangerine Automation Interface

The Tangerine Automation Interface is the first product in our line of automation interfaces. It is designed for the sought after SSLĀ® analog audio console. 

This analog classic console as one of the best integrated mix automation system. As years have past, its proprietary automation computer as become obsolete.

Instead of redesigning a complete dedicated automation system, we designed an interface that uses some of the most common digital communication protocols (midi, USB and ethernet) and the latest automation advancements in popular DAW software. This allows for a choice of computer platforms, a minimized learning curve, while providing an integrated production environment where audio source, mix automation data are combine in one project.

The Tangerine Automation Interface is a modular customizable system designed around "8 channels" sub modules.

the TAI-2RU-xx can hold up to 96 VCA or ULTIMATION automation channels in a 2U rack-mount unit. It replaces the existing SSL computer in the machine room and re-uses the previous installed SSL ribbon cables. Fan less and silent, the rack unit can also be installed in the control room near the console.  It the internal and external accessory ports add expended functionalities with the following options.


Saves complete "snapshots" data files of all your SSL E/G channels potentiometers and switches. The snapshots data files can later be loaded to manually match the channels potentiometers and switches to the original snapshot position. This option offers the same functions has SSLĀ® Total Recall with better resolution, faster response. With added benefits of "WWW" access from any devices on your wired or WIFI network.

NOTE: Not all SSL console where equipped with recall multiplexers PCBs installed, please check that you console as the needed multiplixer PCBs for this option.

Keyboard Decoder:
Brings back life to the SSL E/G centre section keyboard and transport keys. Allows direct acces to global automation functions and modes. Supports DAW transport remote control, including markers and locate points.

(Currently in design) Motorized FADERS pack:

We are currently designing a 8 motorized faders bank to replace the center VCA fader section. This option, while give remote access of any automated faders from the SSL's centre section (the sweet spot). It while give real-time visual feedback of faders positions. The VCA groups will still be active even if the faders are used for other functions.