October 19, 2023

Meet us at AES Convention 2023!

THD-Labs, based out of Montréal, Canada, are makers of the Tangerine Automation Interface. The TAI brings mix automation from analog consoles directly into Pro Tools and other DAWs.

Originally launched in 2014 to replace the mix automation computer of SSL 6K / 6K / 8K E/G consoles, new models are now available to upgrade the automation on consoles equipped with MartinSound / Neve Flying Faders, GML Automation and the SSL 9000 J/K series. 

The Tangerine Automation Interface simplifies and modernizes mix automation, while keeping the unique tone and character of your individual classic analog console.

With Tangerine systems installed all over the world and across the most popular large-format recording consoles, we are setting a new standard for interoperable mix automation.

Easy to install, competitive price, sustainable products, made in Montréal.

Our technology allows :

  • Transferring of mix automation sessions between any tangerine-equipped console
  • Seamless conversion of in-the-box (ITB) mixes to console automation
  • Familiar read/write workflows for mix automation
  • Compatibility with both macOS and Windows
  • 96+ channels of automation inside Pro Tools via our “TaiMotherShip” plug-in.
  • Faster and more precise channel strip recall for SSL (4K/6K/8K/9K) consoles.

Visit our new online and experience the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your studio… or anywhere you may be.

Let’s share what we enjoy most: technology & music!

CONTACT US to meet at the AES 2023 with Daniel Benoit, Designer & CEO of THD-Labs.


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