December 8, 2020

Rave Reviews for the TAI for SSL

"In the dedicated mix room at The Bunker Studio, we've had the Tangerine Automation Interface connected to our SSL 4040 E/G for about a year. The functionality provided by the system truly combines the best aspects of SSL automation with modern DAW functionality. I can grab the console's faders and write level rides by feel, then switch my attention to the screen, view the data I've just written, and manually tweak with the standard Pro Tools toolset. At the end of the mix, if I've decided I want to print a "vocal up" alternate, it's just a matter of selecting the entire line and pulling it up a dB."

"While I still endeavor to begin with the best static mix I can, the Tangerine Automation Interface has led me to leverage more of the creative and practical possibilities of console automation. Easy linking of fader pairs makes image-stable moves on stereo sources a trivial matter. You can easily ride up the piano for the quiet intro, but just as importantly, you can mute or attenuate the return of that noisy vintage stereo chorus until it's needed mid-song."

Read the full article over at Tape Op!


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