August 31, 2023

TAI for SSL 9000 – latest news

Since November 2020, THD-Labs has been dedicated to developing a new enhanced automation system for SSL 9000 J and K consoles.

This latest project stands as our most ambitious endeavour since the original TAI for SSL 4k, 6k & 8k. The SSL 9000 is renowned for its expanded top-end and beefier bottom. It's filled with elaborate electronics, making it a dense complex console.

Daniel Benoit and his team have successfully engineered a modular compact system tailored to the intricate and space-restricted SSL 9000.

The Tangerine Automation Interface ensures a swift upgrade process without the need for a console specialist, averaging 10 to 15 minutes per bucket.

Key achievements:

  • Hardware successfully tested at the distinguished Studio 451 in Montreal.
  • All core features developed, including automation, recall, group settings, and more.
  • Up to 192 channels of automation via our updated Injektor software and TaiMotherShip plug-in.

With most functionalities of the TAI for SSL 9000 now in place, our focus turns to fine-tuning and thoroughly testing the system for initial release.

Mark your calendars for our official launch, slated for later this year, around the 2023 AES conference and just in time for the holiday season.

Contact us for further information or to pre-order the TAI for SSL9000 system.

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