September 9, 2021

TAI for SSL Officially part of Rock History

Tim Jessup, mix engineer and studio manager of Studio One Sixty Four, painstakingly restored and remixed Chicago' legendary 1971 recordings at Carnagie Hall​. 

"This particular SSL came with the Tangerine Automation Interface, which enables Pro Tools automation lanes to control the Ultimation faders and mutes on the console. I actually drew most of the channel automation within Pro Tools, rather than riding faders manually, with the exception of solos and general vocal automation. It’s very easy to work either way with the Tangerine system and we would not have to deal at all with the original SSL G+ computer, floppy disks, and time code sync. The Tangerine system is truly a dream come true."

"We also owe a great debt of gratitude to Daniel Benoit at Tangerine Automation Interface in Montreal, who spent countless hours on TeamViewer, modifying the automation system for this particular desk configuration and our Pro Tools system. The Tangerine is so much more convenient to use than the original SSL G+ computer, as it communicates directly with Pro Tools automation lanes, and saves all automation data as a part of the session."

Studio One Sixty Four, owened by Lee Loughnane is the third studio build by Tim Jessup for use by Chicago​.

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