March 17, 2023

We're back at NAMM2023

Based in Montréal, Canada, THD-Labs designs and distributes mix automation solutions for analog consoles. The Tangerine Automation Interface (TAI) connects console automation directly with Pro Tools and other DAWs. It is a sustainable solution, prolonging the life of vintage consoles.

2022 was more than just a year of intense technical development for the Tangerine Team. We toured the world meeting sound engineers, studio technicians and studio owners. We presented the TAI systems and discussed the technical needs that THD-Labs can address.

We are grateful for the growth of the Tangerine Family. We now cover over 150 studios in 87 cities from 25 countries. Some noteworthy examples are Abbey Road Studios (London, UK), Bob Clearmountain (LA), Sunset Sound Studios (LA), Miraval Studios (France), Bunker Studios (Brooklyn, NY), The Focusrite Room (Mesa, AZ) and more in Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Finland, Sweden & Denmark.

Tangerine Automation Interfaces are available for a variety of classic analog consoles:

  • TAI for SSL 4000 — 6000 — 8000 E/G series with VCA or Ultimation
  • TAI for Flying Faders
  • TAI for GML Automation (including the iconic Focusrite Consoles)

Now, using our Injektor 2 software and TaiMothership plug-in, mix automation is transferrable between SSL, Flying Faders, and GML consoles. In-the-box ProTools mixes can also be used to drive console faders directly.

The Tangerine maximizes automation integration. For the first time since 1972, current DAWs, vintage consoles and modern desks can interoperate, running unified cross-compatible automation.


Coming in 2023

  1. The Tangerine Automation Interface for SSL 9000 J/K series is arriving soon.
  2. The Tangerine Motorized Fader Pack for SSL 4k/6k/8k is a drop-in replacement for the centre-section group faders of VCA consoles. It will allow for motorized remote control of any console bucket and simultaneous dual layer (DAW + Console) control.
  3. The Tangerine Automation Interface for OEMs will allow the world’s leading console manufacturers to include Tangerine Automation with their next generation of consoles.



Easy to install — competitively priced — made in Montréal, Canada.

At NAMM 2023, let’s meet and share what matters most: technology & music

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