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THD-Labs' SSL Ultimation Fader Extender is a necessary accessory for anyone doing maintenance and troubleshooting on SSL Ultimation Consoles. 

Any Ultimation console owner will tell you that Ultimation faders can be finicky at times. They're much more complex than standard VCA faders with both digital and analog paths to the console and computer.  On top of that, they're trapped unventilated inside a console with lots of active components. They can twitch, shake, get stuck or just overall conk out. They also require a perfect calibration between the VCA path and the Ultimation path as part of routine maintenance.

We originally designed the SSL Ultimation Fader Extender during the development of the Tangerine Automation Interface so that we could troubleshoot our own Ultimation consoles. Though SSL originally produced extenders for servicing their consoles decades ago, they're extremely difficult to find nowadays. That's why we're making our extender available to all console owners and technicians to simplify their servicing experiences.

The SSL Ultimation Fader Extender allows easy access to each of the 48 signals sent between the console and the fader. The extender brings the fader I/O to a convenient location allowing you to troubleshoot and service Ultimation faders with ease.  If needed, you can extend the location of the fader to any length using standard 50-pin SSL ribbon cables.

Simply remove the fader, connect one end of the extender to the console and the other to the fader.  All 48 Ultimation signals are pre-identified on the extender board and the integrated test points allow for easy access. You can now effortlessly connect a multimeter, logic analyzer, oscilloscope or any other troubleshooting tool in your arsenal. Troubleshoot data lines, power delivery, reference voltages, fader control, VCA lines and the audio-in-fader path.

By using standard 50-pin ribbon cables, you can bring the fader safely where you want it during troubleshooting and calibration.

The THD-Labs SSL Ultimation Fader Externder is available now for $249 USD +shipping.

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