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Following in the steps of our flagship Automation Interface for SSL and Flying Faders, the Tangerine Automation Interface for GML Automation brings the same powerful and intuitive workflow to the GML platform with modern DAW-controlled automation.


The Tangerine Automation Interface for GML Automation is directly built-in to the console without any additional hardware. Each bank of 8 GML faders of will receive an automation motherboard that connects to 8 Tangerine Fader Controllers. These controllers plug directly into the GML faders. Up to 12+ motherboards can be daisy-chained using RJ45 cables. This system replaces all existing GML automation cables and hardware, keeping only the high-quality faders and greatly improving system reliability. The Interface reuses the existing +12V GML power supply when functional and reliable. A single USB cable connects the console to your audio workstation.

Like all our world class interfaces, seamless integration with our state-of-the-art Injektor software and plug-in suite comes standard. Never before could a single mix session cross multiple automation systems until now.  Track your drums on a Flying Faders console in Berlin, finish your vocals on an SSL in London, and then mix on one of the 7 remaining legendary Focusrite console with GML automation; a single Pro Tools session carrying both audio and automation data will seamlessly transition your fader moves and cuts to any Injektor compatible studio, on any console with zero setup time. 

Completely silent and totally fanless, the Tangerine Automation Interface for GML Automation greatly reduces the cost of maintenance of your console. Gone are the days of having to remove faders and fiddle endlessly with TRIM pots to calibrate your automation levels. With the Tangerine system, all calibration is digital and stored on each individual fader controller. Routine calibration can be completed in under 5 minutes, without ever removing a fader.

It's that simple.

The Tangerine Interface offers multiple control modes allowing it to match any mix workflow:

  • In the INJEKTOR workflow, the TAI brings direct READ/WRITE/TOUCH/TRIM automation of faders and mutes directly in any AAX/AU/VST compatible DAW.
  • In the REAPER workflow, the TAI allows for tape-based mixing workflows using no additional hardware synchronizer.
  • In the HUI workflow, the TAI allows for direct ProTools control using your console's faders as input controllers.


Replacement 12V Power Supply
Is your original 12V automation rail broken? Maybe was it never provided with your console? Maybe are you sick of your power supply doubling as a space heater? We've got you covered!  Our state-of-the art switching power supply replaces the existing GML 12V supply rail for high-efficiency, cool and quiet operation.

Specifications And Features

  • Modular interface controlling 8 to 96+ GML automation faders over USB
  • Available in 8 channel banks
  • Use your DAW as the automation software, available workflows:
    1. INJEKTOR software and plugin (AAX/AU/VST)
    2. REAPER slave
    3. HUI*
    4. HUI hybrid*
  • READ / WRITE resolution: 10 bits (1024 steps) +/- 0.1 dB precision
  • Control and automate FADERS and MUTES with support for TRIM
  • Fader level match (to match fader position in motor OFF mode)
  • Set and control automation modes on a per-channel basis
  • User defined, "on stop, go to selected automation mode after write " READ/LATCH/SAME
  • Any console fader can be used as a virtual DAW controller
  • Supports autonomous scene recall
  • Built-In fader testing modes
  • High reliability construction
  • All lead-free, RoHS components
  • No external chassis required; all hardware is built into the console
  • Single +12V power supply required; polarity of motors controlled by the system


  • Centre section Automation Controls – manage global automation controls directly from console center section
  • Master Fader Adapter – add a master fader as a 9th fader on a single bank without having to purchase an entire bank of 8 controllers
  • Tangerine Power Supply – if the existing GML +12V power supply is unavailable or unreliable, THD-Labs can supply a high-powered, low noise power supply to replace it

* HUI workflows support a maximum of 32 simultanious channels


Injektor supports computers running:
  • macOS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) – macOS 11.6.4 (Big Sur) Intel and Apple M-series or 
  • Windows 7 SP1 – Windows 10 

TaiMothership plug-in is tested for:

  • Pro Tools 11 – Pro Tools 2021
  • Logic Pro X

The HUI workflow does not require any software installation and supports any HUI compatible DAW.


Order now from the Tangerine Shop!


The Tangerine Automation Interface for GML Automation is sold in banks of 8 channels. Pricing is based on the number of total channels you want to control and your current GML Automation system configuration.

Each bank of 8 channels purchased includes:

  • 1x Tangerine Automation Motherboard (the 1st one will be a master, all others slave)
  • 8x Tangerine GML Fader Controllers for GML automation (TFC-GML)
  • 8x 10-pin cables
  • 1x short RJ45 cable
  • 1x power connector
  • 1x motherboard mounting hardware kit

The total automation channel count should include inputs and group faders when configuring a system.

For example, a console configuration made of:

48 inputs+ 8 groups = 56 channels

Pricing starts at $ 1,200 USD

If you want to expand your system at a later date, channel upgrades are also available.


Contact us to place an order or visit the Tangerine Online Shop. We require a 50% deposit upfront. Depending on the system configuration and options, we’ll typically require 6-8 weeks to build and rigorously test the system. We’ll ship it out once final payment is received. 

THD-labs agrees, on request, to refund the deposit and cancel the order if we are more than 2 weeks late on typical delivery time.

To place an order for the Tangerine Automation Interface for GML Automation or for more information contact us specifying your required channel count.  It will be our pleasure to assit you.


Preferred Payment Methods: wire transfer, money orders, certified cheques and Interac e-Transfer (Canada only).

Also available with a 4% surcharge: MasterCard, VISA and PayPal.




Which workflow is best for me?

The Tangerine Automation Interface supports 3 dedicated workflows.  On top of all original SSL computer functions, each workflow offers different modern approaches to automation that certain users may prefer.

1. The Injektor workflow is our most recent - and most popular - no-compromise method for working with the TAI. Using our AAX/VST/AU plugins, you can quickly and easily control up to 96 channels directly in your favourite DAW. All available automation modes are available - including TRIM. This workflow requires installing our Injektor software package. To see the Injecktor workflow in action, check out our tutorial video here:
2. The Reaper workflow was developed to match the feel of the original SSL computer. In this workflow, Reaper directly replaces the existing SSL computer and will be “Synched/Slaved” via time code to your audio source and can control up to 96 channels. This is the preferred workflow when controlling automation from a tape deck directly from the SSL centre section without having to manipulate a DAW. 
3. The HUI workflows turn your console into a control surface that interacts with HUI compatible DAWs without any additional software required. Though HUI workflows don't require any additional software, they do have some tradeoffs compared to other workflows. The HUI OTB workflow is limited to 32 channels and does not support TRIM automation modes. The HUI Hybrid workflow can support up to 96 channels by using bank switching and supports TRIM automation modes, but it does not have unity-gain coming out of the DAW.

How do I configure my interface and my DAW software?

Initial set-up of your Tangerine Automation Interface is quick and easy.

After installing your TAI and connecting it to your network, navigate to the Tangerine's Setup page available at http://tai.local/setup (this web page will only be accessible if you have a Tangerine system connected to your network). From there you can choose your desired workflow and other comfort settings.

Depending on your chosen workflow, you may need to install a software package.

  • The Injektor workflow requires our Injektor software package available here.
  • The Reaper/SSL workflow requires the Reaper DAW available here and our driver/skin package available here.
  • The HUI workflows do not require any additional software.

All that's left afterwards is configuring your DAW for use with the Tangerine (this only needs to be done once). Each DAW has its particularities and configuration steps vary by workflow. Complete information for each DAW and workflow is available in the Tangerine user's manual available here.

How do I use the Tangerine Automation interface ?

Fader moves and mute switch toggles are sent from your console to your DAW according to the selected automation mode. You can select the automation mode by pressing fader record and match buttons on the console.

Within the DAW, volume and mute information will be read from or written to track automation envelopes. How the DAW and console respond to this envelope is dependent on the choice of workflow:

  • Using the InjektorReaper/SSL and HUI-OTB workflows, volume information will be sent to the console VCAs and mutes. The DAW will therefore be normalized to 0 db on each channel and the console takes care of volume changes.
  • Using the HUI-Hybrid workflow, volume information will control the DAW's fader volumes and mutes. The console VCAs will therefore be set to a normalized 0 db.

What automation modes does the Tangerine support?

Available automation modes depends on the workflow you're using.

The InjektorReaper/SSL and HUI-Hybrid workflows support all available automation modes: OFF, READ, WRITE, LATCH, TRIM WRITE, TRIM LATCH, TRIM READ.

The HUI-OTB workflow does not support trim workflows. It only supports: OFF, READ, WRITE, LATCH.