The Desk Doctor

Bruce Millet from "The Desk Doctor" is a legend in the industry. Since the 90’s, The Desk Doctor has serviced hundreds of SSL’s! Bruce knows everything about SSL consoles, so he's definately the best guy to represent us on the West Coast.

Contact Info
The Desk Doctor
3316/18 West Burbank Blvd
Burbank CA 91505 USA
(818) 848-8065




Toys for noise sells selected high end audio equipement, we are proud to be repsentend by them in UK.
Contact: Ryan Jarvis

Web site:  

Phone:+(0)7917 714 948




Mastering Mansion Pro Audio

Mastering Mansion is the only importer/distributor dedicated exclusively to high quality Pro Audio gear in Spain.

Contact Info
Mastering Mansion
Calle de los Naranjos, 20 B.
CP : 28523 – Rivas Vaciamadrid
Madrid Spain
Office: + 34 91 827 7119