About THD Labs




"ITB tools to do OTB automation music mixing"

THD-labs was founded in 2015 by Daniel Benoit out of this idea.

The TANGERINE AUTOMATION INTERFACE (TAI, sweet name) is now available for SSL 4/6/8 k Series. check out for the 9000 K/J in 2022.

The INJEKTOR 2 software is your Automation command center; it dispaches the Automation Data into your DAW.

The TAI for FLYING FADERS (*) is now availalble and compatible for Flying Faders equiped consoles such as NEVE, Focusrite, Trident, API...

We also have designed the TAI for GML automation systems.

Merging the analog audio path with digital control technologies is the best way to enhance the creative process and sound of music mixing.

The Tangerine team is focused on offering you the best quality in our products & services. We remain devoted to your passion making music. #forthemusic

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