SSL 9000J/K Fader Overlays

Order now from the Tangerine Shop!

Tired of looking at dirty, worn out fader overlays?

We're now offering brand new polycarbonate fader overlays!

These overlays are perfect replicas -  with the same texture and design -  as your original SL978 series overlays.

Retailing at 14.99 $US per unit, a volume discount is available available for orders of 10 or more. 

Contact us to place an order or visit the Tangerine Online Shop.​​

Want a more personalized touch?

We also offer personalized overlays for orders of 50 or more. You can add your graphic/ logo/ label to the overlay design and we will do a custom batch just for you!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us for pricing or to order personalized overlays.