Tangerine Automation Interface for SSL 9000 J / K

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After years of anticipation, THD-Labs is finally bringing its legendary automation interface to the SSL 9000 J and K consoles.

The system includes:

  • Large fader automation
  • Small fader automation
  • Cue automation
  • EQ/Insert In/Out automation
  • Centre-section groups automation
  • Full channel-strip recall
  • Centre-section transport and master section, via our new touchscreen controller
  • K-series Utilipan features*

*THD-Labs is looking into porting K-series Utilipan features to J-series consoles.

Introducing a world-class automation controller

Afraid that your current centre-section transport control will stop working at any moment? Every TAI for SSL 9000 J/K includes a build-in hybrid touchscreen automation controller. This reliable addition replaces the existing centre-section control and brings all automation features right to your fingertips.  

Specifications And Features


The TAI for SSL 9000 J / K consoles installs directly inside the consoles. It consists of:

  • 1 motherboard controller per bucket of 8 channels
  • 1 centre-section master motherboard
  • 1 touchscreen-based master control unit (optional)
  • All cabling and hardware required for installation

Technical Specifications

  • 8 to 96+ channels of automation, configured to match channel count.
  • Use your DAW as the automation software.  Available workflows:
    1. INJEKTOR (AAX/AU/VST plugin)
    3. HUI*
    4. HUI hybrid* 
  • READ / WRITE resolution: 10 bits (1024 steps) +/- 0.1 dB precision
  • 12 automatable parameters per channel:
    1. Large Fader Volume
    2. Large Fader Cut
    3. Small Fader Volume
    4. Small Fader CUT 
    5. EQ In/Out
    6. Insert In/Out 
    7. Cue In/Out
    8. FX 1-6 In/Out
  • Support for TRIM and ABSOLUTE modes
  • Fader level match (to match fader position in motor OFF mode)
  • Set and control automation modes on a per-channel basis 
  • Master fader automation 
  • Any console fader can be used as a virtual DAW controller
  • Supports autonomous scene recall
  • Built-In tests and diagnostics
  • Runs on original SSL power supply. No external power needed.
  • No external chassis required; all hardware is built into the console
  • All lead-free, RoHS components


Injektor supports computers running:
macOS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) — macOS 10.16 (Big Sur) or 
Windows 10 
Compatible with both Intel and Apple M1 processors.

TaiMothership plug-in is tested for:

Pro Tools 11 — Pro Tools 2021
Logic Pro X
The HUI workflow does not require any software installation and supports any HUI compatible DAW.

* Pro Tools limits HUI workflows to a maximum of 32 simultaneous channel


Special Pre-order Pricing

Pre-Orders are now open for the TAI for SSL 9000 J/K.  The special pre-order pricing will apply to all orders placed before the initial system launch.

The TAI for SSL 9000 J/K is sold in banks of 8 channels. All systems include centre section automation and our hybrid touchscreen controller.

Pricing starts at US$ 2,999.

For future expansion, channel upgrades are available on a per-bucket basis.


Contact us to pre-order the system. THD-Labs aims to have the system available in Fall 2022. We’ll ship it out once final payment is received. 

THD-labs agrees, on request, to refund the deposit and cancel preorders if unexpected delays push system delivery unreasonibly past estimates.

To place an order for the Tangerine Automation Interface for SSL 9000 J/K or for more information contact us specifying your required channel count.  It will be our pleasure to assit you.


Preferred Payment Methods: wire transfer, money orders, certified cheques and Interac e-Transfer (Canada only).

Also available with a 4% surcharge: MasterCard, VISA and PayPal.

Note: the 4% PayPal surcharge is not elligable for the Crowdfunding discount.